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At Mobyd, we are software and technology experts who are passionate about bringing the world’s best DSP to the rapidly growing mobile advertising industry. We are focused on building a platform which is disruptive, software-as-a-service, created specifically for mobile.

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Our advanced technology enables advertisers to run campaigns, focusing on REACHING BRANDING AND PERFORMANCE GOALS, and combines all the solutions that are necessary for them:




Brand Safety by ComScore

Since 2016 YDigital Media through MOBYD, our proprietary mobile advertising marketplace, has partnered with ComScore to Validate Total Campaign Delivery and Optimize In-Flight with a Single Holistic Tool. Validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) is a holistic ad delivery validation solution that provides deep campaign insights, in-flight reporting and daily alerting for convenient and effective campaign management with a strict control on the following dimensions: Viewability; Geographic Accuracy; Brand Safe Environment and Invalid Traffic.

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Mobyd also provides users with access to a massive pool of RTB supply. Our unique value comes from providing a full solution for mobile advertisers and trading desks, including an RTB Bidder (DSP), a Decision Engine, advanced analytics and reporting capabilities and white labeling options all through one well designed user friendly interface.


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